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Hi internet and Professor Howell

I thought I would start by saying that I am not good at grammar and really had no interest in fine tuning my English skills; I am pretty okay with simply being able to get my point across. One more English class required though, so here I am. Since I was never really taught too much grammar or sentence structure (my Florida public school teachers basically chalked things up to “does that sound right?”) I am excited for the knowledge I will leave this class with. Editing is something I know very little about so I found a blog post basically explaining what it means to be an editor in all the different fields.

I found that there is a lot more to this profession then fixing grammatical errors. This particular blog post details 12 different kinds of editors. In the field of newspapers and magazines, editors check facts, but sometimes have a lot more to do with running the business. Some of their responsibilities would be to organize staff, decide on the nature of the stories covered, direct writers to certain stories, and match those to the intended audience. In a publishing house, editors are often relied on to recruit authors, match the style of writing to the model of the publish house, and even help the writer get from an idea to a finished product. Freelance editors have a wide range of services they can offer. These can range from organizing a text, to being a ghost writer- someone who takes ideas of another and compiles them into an article, essay, or novel. They can also help authors by focusing story plots, organizing sequence of events, finding the right voice for the intended audience, or even simple sentence structure and word choice.

I just summarized the article, but she details each of these professions and the responsibilities they entail. I really had no idea the range of skills and tasks a career in editing could require. I’m much more intrigued to learn about this subject in the semester to come.


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