Silly little mistakes

In class this week we had to go on a hunt for five examples of editing mistakes (I think I mentioned this assignment in an earlier blog). Well I figured I would share with you what I found since some are a little humorous. Here ya go:

The first two were bullet points of statistics I found when writing one of my blog posts. It’s a little hard to take these stats seriously when they have grammatical errors but I’m guessing that wasn’t really as much of a concern with the authors as the numbers. The next was also a quote I found while doing some research for a blog post. This one was a little funny because it was on how new technology has changed the world of film editing, but maybe she was using a type writer since spell check should have caught that one. The next is actually a link to someone who found an article about illiteracy in the NYC school system littered with grammatical and spelling errors. The original article was retracted to I can’t actually blame anyone for it but it seems to have been written in haste. The last was off a self-test I had to complete for a nutrition class I’m currently taking. The following is what was wrong with the sentences and how to fix them.

  • In 2011, 1,745(23.6% of the 7,382) state legislators are women, a decrease from 1,809
    -“are” should be “were” since “In 2011” implies that was in the past
  • The U.S. is ranked at 69th in the world in terms of women’s representation in national legislatures or parliaments (tied with Turkmenistan) out 188 direct election countries (as of October 31, 2011), down from 57th in November 2004. Canada is tied with Australia for 38.20
    – “out 188” should be “out of 188”. It is a statistic or ratio so the U.S. is 69th out of 188 direct election countries.

  • “Back in the times of physical film being used in the process of film post production, one error during the splicing process could not be undone, meaning it was damaged, leaving less oppotunity for mistakes.”
    – “oppotunity” should be “opportunity” simple spelling error.

  • “I was nervus about how hard it was going to be, how much of a chnage it was going to be from high school,” Gonzalez said. “I knew I needed to take remedial, If I started right away with credit classes it wasnt going to be so well, so it’s better off starting somewhere.
    -“nervus” should be “nervous”, “chnage” should be “change”, these are simple spelling mistakes. “wasnt” should be “wasn’t” which is an easy grammatical error. And the capital I in “If” should be lowercase, or the comma before it should be a period. All are mistakes that should have been caught if read through just once.

  • I Aware of the calorie content of foods that I eat.
    – “I Aware” should be “I am aware”. I did not include this but every sentence in the check list had the second word in the sentence capitalized which is not right.

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