My kind of editing

When I first heard that I had to create a blog about editing I started brainstorming what to talk about. As I’ve mentioned a gazillion times, this is somewhat of a foreign topic to me so I knew my blog would focus on a novice introduction to the field. I thought about how everyday people, like me, use editing. The first thing that came to mind was not Copy Editing, but more Instagram, Memes, and Vines.
Editing doesn’t always include spell check. To the masses the word editing may invoke the memory of that chick used Photoshop to totally catfish you on Tinder, or that YouTuber that got a million views in fifteen minutes from a seven second vine. Apps and websites now a days make editing a video or picture mean something different, and younger and younger individuals are mastering them and becoming “internet famous” for it.
Since this kind of editing is so prevalent in our society today and even becoming a lucrative business I decided it deserved a post. I also decided that “Vine” was the perfect example of this Millennial generation editing. I found this awesome article on how Vine was started on entitled “How Vine Climbed to the Top of the Social Media Ladder”. The article starts saying that a Vine was created showing the Boston Marathon explosions and it went viral. This put the app on the map. The article then makes this great comparison: “Vine is to short videos what Instagram is to snapshots: You shoot, edit, and share clips, all through a mobile app.” The article continues with interview by Colin Kroll to the creators of Vine. It highlights how social media and this app particularly has and still does play a growing role in the international community and how the world is changing. Link to the article below:
I kept getting a feeling that there is a science behind this new kind of editing. These apps and the images and videos they produce can create strong emotions and effects. I mean revolutions get started because social media makes it possible for images and videos to reach millions. This is powerful stuff, there has to be more behind it than Grumpy Cat. I wanted to look at meme’s next. An image with a few words posted on it has to resonate differently than a video where you can include sound and movement. I found another great article entitled “Makes a Meme Instead: A Concise History of Internet Memes” posted on a blog run by Linda Borzsei. It starts by explaining the term Meme and how the internet then shaped the term into something else. She includes a quote by Patrick Davison from his essay entitled Language of Internet Memes. He says “An Internet meme is a piece of culture, typically a joke, which gains influence through online transmission.” The article takes you through a complete history of how what we now think of a Meme developed from a smiley face –> 🙂 It also details formulas on how to create a great meme, including what kind of images to use and what to say that will relate to people and spark the emotion your looking to create by associating those words with that image. Here is the link:
The rise of the internet, social media, and apps like all these are changing the world. Yes sometimes they’re really silly, but sometimes they spark ideas, initiate movements, and spread information and opinions to the international masses. This new kind of editing has and will continue to change how we as an international community relate and associate with each other. They can also make a 4 into a 7.


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