Imortance of Style Sheets

I needed to create a style sheet for my last assignment in my Copy Editing class at UNF. Like I’ve said I am not an English major so obviously I’ve never done this and didn’t really know where to start. So of course I googled the topic to try and find out why style sheets are important. I knew from this class that editors have a lot more responsibilities than fixing grammatical errors. They help writers reach their audiences by adjusting their word choice and getting the writing to flow in a clear way that gets the topic across to whoever the writer wants to appeal to. This also includes conforming the writing to be consistent in style.
The style includes the grammatical things like which kinds of commas, or pronouns to use. Also what kinds of abbreviations or numerals will be used in the writing. Format also falls under the umbrella of style. All these things should be consistent throughout the novel, article, or whatever is being written and edited. The style sheet can be created with the author so the author and editor can agree on what they want, but the editor can also use their expertise to decide what’s best for the piece.
Certain editors may be more versed in certain styles of writing such as the APA, MLA, or Chicago Manual of Style. All these styles are specific to the topic of the writing. If you are writing a Psychology text book you want to go to an editor who knows how to use APA. These manuals have set standards on what citations, grammar, and rhetoric should be used.
I feel like keeping the writing consistent is the most important job of an editor because it effects every sentence. When writing is inconsistent it will greatly decrease the author’s credibility and reputation.


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