The Code

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably Linda, my Copy Editing Professor at UNF. Just in case you’re not though, I am in the middle of completing my last assignment for said class and it entails editing an article and including with it everything a real copy editor would: A complete edited document, the original with the track changes shown, a style sheet, and an invoice for the work completed. Yes, that last one is tricky, I have to fake charge my professor for my homework.
To complete this assignment we were given a packet with examples of these things including a copy of the Code of Fair Practice created by the Editorial Freelancers Association. Something that I have really learned a lot about in this class is the community that all editors are a part of. This community creates guidelines like the styles of writing I’ve talked about in a few different previous posts. It also creates guidelines like the Code which has a little more to do with ethical operations. The Code of Fair Practice talks about how to professionally deal with clients in every aspect of the editing process. Smart right?
If you’re going to be an editor or have something edited it’s helpful to know about this. This code details how to deal with clients if you’re an editor, what resources you can use, how you can charge your clients, how to agree on timelines for the work completion, how you are given credit for your work, and even how to resolve conflicts between editor and author. This document is crucial to both parties. These guidelines set standards for what is to be expected when author and editor enter into an agreement.
So, Linda, and whoever else, this community of editors is an interesting one. This field engulfs all fields of study and entertainment, because everything from Twilight to text books needs to be edited, and editors need to be informed and ethical in what they do. And, as someone who enjoys both structure and “How To” guides, I find it interesting to learn that editors to do.



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